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Aerators for Lakes

Aerators for Lakes

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The aerator SUNBURST provides excellent aeration to any pond or lake while displaying a pattern conservative still amazing.

From €5,789.10

Aerator GEMINI

The aerator GEMINI generates a plume with a strong aeration incredible and gives a tremendous beauty to any property.

From €5,662.75

Aerator SATURN

The aerator SATURN is similar to the SUNBURST, but it generates a plume of water more compact and more low.

From €5,729.65

Aerator ROCKET

The aerator ROCKET has a pattern of geyser that looks beautiful by itself or clustered with other sources of aeration to create a more dramatic...

From €6,702.67


The aerator TRISTAR, elegant beauty thanks to its three levels of the pattern, offers an excellent solution for those looking to improve their...

From €7,200.52

Aerator COMET

The aerator COMET creates a thick column of water while maintaining its symmetry and splendor that fascinates the spectator more demanding.

From €6,913.36


The aerator GENESIS has a cascade of two levels and 16 jets of silhouettes that create a point of view dramatic and attractive in the aquatic...

From €7,305.97


The aerator EQUINOX offers beautiful symmetry from all angles and creates an intricate pattern that is associated with the typical architectural...

From €7,234.08

Aerator OMEGA

Incorporating 8 nozzles, the aerator OMEGA creates a pattern of arc striking performance that will surely satisfy you.

From €7,157.30