Dye Ottershield for lakes

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Non-toxic and eco-friendly. In a few minutes makes the lake look a bright blue and clean.


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Non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Some lakes and ponds appear to be dirty due to reasons beyond the management of the environment. Otterbine offers a solution to
managers with the DYE OTTERSHIELD, a product that in a matter of a few minutes makes your lake pass have a color more similar
you would have a swamp, and start to look a bright blue and clean. This product is served in bags soluble for your application to be quick and easy. Environmentally safe, non-toxic, it is not necessary to measure this product as you would do with other dyes liquids and will not stain the hands, nor shall it affect the birds that rest in the lake.

In short:

  • Transforms a lake of muddy water in the other with an intense blue.
  • It is easy to apply on the lake and the results are visible in minutes.


Otterbine is the only company that offers its customers a solution of a dye in water is small, dosed, packaged and that is perfect
for use in small ponds or large lakes.


The small size of the bags you offer, to whom you are going to use them, the greater flexibility of use and the security that, in the case of wasting something, this amount will be minimal.

Each bag can be used on approximately 616 cubic metres (m3) of water. Each box of Dye Ottershield contains 4 packs and each pack, 6 bags of dye (that is to say, in total, 24 bags per box).

To use Ottershield, simply throw the bags to the water.

No more measurements!

The quality that makes the dye Ottershield in unique is it comes packaged in small doses soluble. Just choose the recommended number of bags you need to your lake or pond and putting them in the water. Let Ottershield do the rest.

No more trash!

The bags Ottershield dissolve in minutes, not leaving anything to throw in the trash. And as you never touch the dye, there is no risk of it ending up in their hands or on their clothes. This way, Otterbine eliminates the need to do a cleaning after the application of the product, which is not the case with other solutions, using bottles and packaging that deteriorate the environment.

Dose of Application Suggested

  • 1 Bag for 615.859 litres (surface area of 616 m3).
  • 2 Bags for 1.231.718 litres(surface 1.232 m3)
  • 3 Bags for 2.463.436 litres(surface 2.464 m3)



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