hedge trimmer TORO 40V battery Powerplex

Hedge trimmer TORO 40V battery Powerplex
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Battery of high power (more time of work and life). Steel blades hardened, strong, thick, robust – Cutting in vertical quick and easy cutting System dual – action Reduces vibration cutting Diameter of 1.8 cm – Short branches without effort

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Designed for residential users with much work and little time: users who know how to appreciate a century of innovation and durability that characterizes the Toro products.

The new family of garden tools wireless PowerPlex™ 40 V lithium-ion battery to provide more power and save more time with a swappable battery T90 that LOADS IN JUST 60 MINUTES.

With a FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY in residential use, the products PowerPlex Bull are backed by one of the best guarantees for garden tools of the industry, to keep them running year after year.





Hedge trimmer TORO 40 V battery

Strong, thick and robust.
KNOB 90 °
Cut in vertical quick and easy.
Reduces vibration.
Short branches without effort.

Trim your hedges with the PowerPlex ™ 61-cm Toro. This hedge trimmer cordless 40 volt MAX has a cutting blade with a unique design of a Bull that grabs hold of the hedge and keeps it in place for a court more efficient. The battery PowerPlex T90 offers a great amount of energy available, and the hedge trimmer can handle a blade that is 20% thicker than the trimmer hedge 20V Max Bull. By pressing a button, the handle rotates by 90 ° to make it easier and more comfortable to switch between horizontal cut and vertical. With a 90 watt-hour battery T90 provides up to 60 minutes of operation time, and this battery charges in about 60 minutes on the quick charger. Take the reins of the tools Toro PowerPlex.




layout styles

Hedge trimmer TORO 40V battery

MODEL(without battery or charger included)
Cutting width 61 cm
Maximum speed To 3,200 SPM
Type of cut Dual action
Blades of tempered steel 24"
Weight without battery 3,17 kg
Weight with battery 4,17 kg

layout styles

Hedge trimmer TORO 40V battery

MODEL(with battery and charger included)
Cutting width 61 cm
Maximum speed To 3,200 SPM
Type of cut Dual action
Blades of tempered steel 24"
Weight without battery 3,17 kg
Weight with battery 4,17 kg


Recortabordes Semi Pro BULL 40 V battery – Features

Toro is the brand No. 1 in recortabordes batteries. The model TORO 40V provides autonomy, all the power and versatility
you need to complete all the cleaning tasks.


Cuchillas de acero endurecido de 24 pulgadas del cortasetos TORO 40V

Robust, thick and robust..

Empuñadura giratoria de 90º del cortasetos TORO 40V

Trimming vertically easy and fast.

Sistema de corte de doble acción  del cortasetos TORO 40V

The cutting system dual-action reduces vibration.



Hoja 20% más gruesa del cortasetos TORO 40V

The hedge trimmer of 40V has a blade that is 20% thicker than the hedge trimmer 20V.

Baterías del cortasetos 40 V TORO

Two models. T90 duration of approximately 40 minutes. T180 approximate duration of 80 minutes.

Cargador rápido de batería de iones de litio de 40 V máx. TORO

Fits tools Bull PowerPlex. Option of desktop or wall-mounting. Charge the battery T90 at 60 minutes and the battery T180 in 120 minutes. Comes standard with the complete tools PowerPlex.



2 años de Garantía en uso residencial de la maquinaria residencial TORO del ULTRA-Plus soplador / aspirador de TORO

2-year warranty for the machinery for residential and 1 year for professional machinery. In the case of making a professional use of machinery, residential, the warranty will be 45 days.



SO does THE ENGINE TORO® PowerPlex™ 40V battery


Motor battery brushless for more power, more run time and longer life the motor brushed.

Tools PowerPlex engine battery:

  • -Recortabordes Toro® PowerPlex ™ 40V Max
  • -Hedge trimmer Toro® PowerPlex ™ 40V Max
  • -Blower Toro® PowerPlex ™ 40V Max
  • -Chainsaw Toro® PowerPlex ™ 40V Max

PowerPlex 40V Max * Family of tools combined to garden


Information about the battery Toro® PowerPlex ™ 40V Max * - volts, amp-hours, hours of watts



Hedge trimmer TORO 40V battery


Take the reins of the wireless-tools PowerPlex of Bull. The ultimate in versatility, all of these tools work with the same battery of ion lithium, powerful and clean, so that you can change jobs on the fly, ready for any task. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, the tools PowerPlex Toro are affordable, powerful and easy to use. Here is the lineup:

The blower PowerPlex brushless is located at the top of its class, with variable speed, turbo boost and available accessories that will take your breath away. Trimmer, thread-variable speed 13 "transforms from trimmer to edger with a push of the button and it adjusts to your height without tools. With the trimmer thread PowerPlex 14 "brushless motor" of the Bull can be cut as a professional, with a head of durable cast aluminum and a dual feed line, to a fast cut and efficient means of weed thick. The chainsaw brushless 14 "brushless motor", with performance similar to gas and features low kickback ... requires very little maintenance, so it is ready when you need it. The chainsaw PowerPlex 24, with blades thick and durable, cutting system, double-action, and a swivel head makes cutting it very easy.

All the tools PowerPlex come standard with a battery T90 and fast charger, or as a simple tool, with a cheaper price, without the battery and the charger. But if you want to double the run time. Toro also offers a battery T180.


Data sheet

3,17 kg without battery / 4,17 kg with battery T90
Cutting width:
61 cm (arm)
Cutting system:
Dual action
Angle of work:
Handle rotation of 90 °
Hardened steel

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