Valve, irrigation, electric TORO Series P 150

Valve, irrigation, electric TORO Series P 150
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Diameter thread
Solenoid LATCH

Electric valves, of plastic, of the series P 150. All models feature a flow regulator, as well as are female thread.

There are models with the Solenoid already built in. Choose the model that best suits their needs.


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Choose valves of the Series P-150 when you need to pressure regulation or low pressure.

The new plastic valves P-150 for commercial use Toro are the workhorses of the plastic valves. With a pressure of 10 bar (150-psi), then you're plastic valves can withstand the high pressures of commercial applications.

With the optional device EZReg™, regular pressure is as simple as dialing in the setting on the dial.



  • -Female thread 1 1/2" and 2" with flow regulator.

  • -Flow of work of 19 - 568 l/min.

  • -Working pressures of 1.4 to 10 kg/cm2.

  • -Intake boot of 0.34 mpa, and maintained in 0.2 amp.



  • -Manufactured in nylon reinforced with fiberglass and stainless steel resistant to corrosion.

  • -Pressure regulation in both automatic operation and manual.

  • -Design of flow direct, for more precise control.

  • -Settings in globe or angle.

  • -To work at a pressure of 10 bars with flows from 20 to 568 lpm (5 to 150 GPM).

  • -The water passes through a filter to remove the obstruction in the bore of the solenoid. The filter is accessible from the top.

  • -Slow closure reduces the water hammer.

  • -The flow regulator, adjustable flow rate and zero.

  • -Diaphragm double-lip rough, in santopreno.

  • -Solenoid injected in a mould with a plunger captive.

  • -Precise Control of the pressure regulator, EZReg ® (factory installed or to be installed in the field) don't need to pull the solenoid.

  • -The pressure can be adjusted while operating manually or electrically, under pressure.

  • -No tubing external to the electric models, or models with pressure regulator.

  • -Easy maintenance, without removing components.

  • -Solenoid encapsulated, injected into the mold, with the core captive.

  • -Solenoid in purple for recycled waters.

  • -Accepts solenoids DC.

  • -Sealing gasket in the plug input.

  • -3 screws SS on the lid that accommodate a hex screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver.



Easy access for installation

Cables of 45 cm for easy installation.




Protection against leaks

The o-ring positive in the plug of entry prevents leakage.




Pressure control pressure control optional

The series P-150 offers a precise control of pressure technology of dial compact optional EZReg™. This option can be installed in the field without having to disassemble the solenoid. The pressure can be regulated both in electric-only mode as in manual mode, and the maintenance is possible under pressure. The maximum pressure is 10 bar with capacity for low-flow, minimum 20 L/min. It is also available a cover vandal-resistant protection against dust..




Solid construction

The cover is robust and reinforced resists the high pressures and the conditions of application harsh. The resilient rubber diaphragm, double-lip, resists pressures of breakage of 50 bar. The series P-150 is also constructed of reinforced nylon with glass fiber (GFN) and stainless steel.




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Válvula TORO Serie P 150

Información técnica en PDF de la Válvula TORO eléctrica Serie P 150

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