Bannerman Mini-Tooper Topdresser (sand blasters) manual
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Topdresser (sand blasters) manual for lawn and garden. Capacity of hopper 70 Lt., pneumatic wheels.


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Topdresser (sand blasters) manual for lawn and garden BANNERMAN MINI-TOOPER.


The Bannerman Mini-Topper is designed to apply top dressing evenly on residential lawns and gardens, and small and medium-sized green areas that had a high wear turf or grass.

The drum spread is a wheel driven and has a width of spread 24 " (60 cm). The Mini-Topper is equipped with brushes front and rear adjustable, easy to control the speed of flow of the latter.

You can also extend the manure composted, peat moss or vermiculite. You can even scatter sand if you acquire the option of the "drum sand".

Use after overseeding will help to ensure a faster growth of grass and plants more healthy and strong.

Virtually any area of natural grass can benefit from an application of organic matter at least once a year.

Characteristic techniques:

  • Working width: 61 cm
  • Capacity of hopper: 70 Lt.
  • Brush front and rear adjustable, easy to control the amount of product to use.
  • Gears: Metal.
  • Wheels: Pneumatic.

Optional KIT:

There is an optional kit that consists of a rubber roller which serves to throw sand and it costs 295 € + VAT.






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  • 2 to 8 days
  • + 72 h transport

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2 to 8 days + 72H transportation

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