Sprinkler irrigation T5P RS (Rapid Set) TORO

Sprinkler T5P Rapid Set of BULL
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Sprinkler T5P RAPID SET

The only rotor turbine on the market with adjust arc without tools. The sprinkler Toro® T5P RS Rapid Set has everything you need to meet your watering needs basic and some extras that will surprise you. This sprinkler multi-purpose and provides all the comfort at a very competitive price. For the facilities day-to-day, the model T5P Rapid Set offers everything you need.

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The sprinkler Toro® Series T5P Rapid Set has everything you need to cover your watering needs basic, and something more. The T5P Rapid Set offers 2.5 cm of additional emergency in comparison with the majority of the teams in the competition. All models lawn are now available with the option RapidSet™.The option RapidSet™ is a fast and simple way to set the arc of irrigation WITHOUT TOOLS.

All arc adjustments can be made quickly, with a few turns of the turret, without tools. This system also protects the fuel tank in the event of vandalism or improper use.

  • Scope: 7,6 - 15,2 m
  • Arc: Adjustable
  • Stem: Plastic
  • Models: Pop-up, or Air
  • Diameter Thread: 3/4"


It has the dimensions of a sprinkler pop-up the standard 100 mm, but reaches 127 mm of an emergency.

Extra performance

Great efficiency in the irrigation thanks to its nozzle of advanced design.

Each set of nozzles includes eight nozzles standard and four low angle.


Part and full circle in one sprinkler with a rubber cap high-performance in the upper part to minimize the impacts.

The changes in the arc of irrigation are carried out WITHOUT TOOLS.



Ajuste del arco Rapidsedel aspersor T5P Rapid Set de TORO

Arc adjustment Rapidset®

Arc adjustments from 40° to 360° can be made quickly with a few turns of the turret, and without tools. The safety clutch of the RapidSet, patent-pending, also protects against damage to the gears caused by vandalism or inexperienced users.



Boquillas con Tecnología Airfoil del aspersor T5P Rapid Set de TORO

Nozzle with Technology Airfoil

The sprinkler T5 RapidSet includes a full set of 8 standard nozzles (trajectory (25°) and 4 low angle nozzles (trajectory 10°). The unique geometry of these nozzles creates a low pressure area just below the main jet, which guide the water down gently, giving a uniformity that is unequalled without dragging the seeds freshly planted in the field.



Emergencia de 12,7 cm del aspersor T5P Rapid Set de TORO

Emergency 12.7 cm

Replaces easily the most competitive units of 10.2 cm of the same size, but with 2.5 cm more emergency.



Modelos disponibles en acero inoxidable del aspersor T5P Rapid Set de TORO

Models available in stainless steel

The elevator and the base of the nozzle are manufactured with flanges of 304 stainless steel professional quality, which help to prevent jamming in elevated position, and eliminate the scratches caused by soil coarse and sandy.





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Aspersor T5P RS - Instrucciones

Instrucciones para ajustar el arco de riego, cambio de boquillas, etc... del aspersor TP5 RS Rapid Set de TORO.

Download (2.48M)

Aspersor T5P_RS Instrucciones_2

Manual de instrucciones del aspersor T5P Rapid Set.

Download (1.66M)

Aspersor T5P_RS Características

Información de las características, especificaciones y ventajas del aspersor T5P Rapid Set de TORO.

Download (209.41k)

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