Diffuser TORO irrigation LPS with adjustable nozzle

Diffuser TORO irrigation LPS with adjustable nozzle and 5 cm emergency
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The diffusers of the series LPS have a compact body and nozzles ARE pre-installed, with height-retractable 50 mm or 100 mm ( 2 or 4 in.).


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The series LPS is ideal for residential applications, because its nozzle of small diameter allows it to be combined with many lawns and green areas.


The nozzles ARE pre-installed has pluviometrías adjusted to provide uniform coverage. The diffuser has a sturdy body, molded of a single piece and a retraction spring made of stainless steel that ensures a descent positive.




• Available with nozzles of arches, adjustable, colour-coded according to ranges of 2,4, 3,0, 3,7, 4,6 and 5,2 m (8’, 10’, 12’, 15’ and 17’)

• Increased coverage, thanks to the nozzles with rainfall adjusted

• Spray adjustable from 0° to 360°

• The stem ratchet allows you to adjust the arc of watering in the field

• The sealing gasket is activated by pressure reduces the flow rate of blowdown to climb up the diffuser and keeps debris away from stem during retraction

• The spring-retractable stainless steel heavy duty ensures a retraction downward positive

• The body is molded from a single piece, increases durability.

• Nozzle, strainer and internal components removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

• Check valve optional




• Recommended operating pressure: 1,4-4,8 bar

• Spacing:

- 2,4 m (8’) VAN: 1,9-3,1 m (6’-10’)

- 3.0 m (10’) VAN: 2,4-3,6 m (8’-12’)

- 3.7 m (12’) VAN: 2,7-4,6 m (9’-15’)

- 4.6 m (15’) VAN: 3,6-5m (12’-17’)

- 5.2 m (17’) VAN: 4-5,8 m (13’-19’)

• Flow of purge: 0 at a pressure of 0.7 bar (10 PSI) or greater; otherwise: 1.9 L/min (0,5 GPM)

• Input: 13 mm (1/2”) female threaded NPT/BSP

• Exposed diameter 32 mm (11/4”)

• Height of body:

- LPS200: 50mm (2”)

- LPS400: 100mm (4”)

• Check valve maintains a column of water of 2.1 m (7 feet) to prevent drainage in low-lying areas.


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Difusor TORO LPS

Características y especificaciones del difusor TORO LPS con boquilla ajustable

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