Diffuser TORO irrigation 570 XF

Diffuser TORO irrigation 570 XF
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Especially indicated to help you save water! The model 570Z XF is ideal for applications with high variations of pressure, stretches long and sloping areas. Has a device for the complete closure of the flow in case of breakage.


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  • • The board of hermetic closure prevents the discharge of water during elevation
  • • Several body sizes—to satisfy varying installation requirements
  • • 115 different nozzles provide tremendous versatility
  • • The stem with ratcheting allows for easy reorientation of the irrigated arc


• Device "X-Flow" for the total closure of the flow, patented, installed in the interior of the stem.

• Reduces 98% of the flow if the nozzle suffers a break or detach, eliminating erosion problems due to breakage or vandalism.

• Allows the change of the nozzle or the filter, with the irrigation running.

• All bodies are supplied with a drainage plug for easy purging of the piping and an easy extraction of the stem of the diffuser.

• Board of hermetic closure, eliminates the discharge during the lift, allowing you to install more sprinklers in the same watering station.

• The purge of water in the reverse clean the stem, ensuring its retraction.

• Sealing of low pressure to 1 bar.

• The black cap of small diameter (2") is less visible and reduces the chance of vandalism.

• Accepts all of the nozzles diffusers Toro, including the nozzle burbujeadora 570 MPR, TVAN and low angle nozzles.

• Accepts the nozzles Maxijet® for applications of low rainfall.

• The stem with ratcheting allows for easy reorientation of the irrigated arc.

• Made of plastic long-term.

• Retraction spring made of stainless steel.




• Flow rate: 0,2–12,5 L/min (0.05–3.30 GPM)

• Working pressure recommended maximum: 1,4-5,2 bar (20-75 PSI)

• Minimum working pressure for model COM: 1.7 Bar (25 PSI)

• Maximum working pressure: 5.2 bar (75 PSI)

• Outlet female thread 1/2"

• Dimensions:

• Body diameter:

– 35 mm (13/8") in the diffuser of bushes and on 4P, 6P and 6P-SI

– 41 mm (15/8") on 12P

– 44 mm (13/4") in models 12P-IF

• Diameter of cap: 50 mm (2")

• Side-outlet: 120 mm (43/4") from the top of the diffuser to the center of the decision

• Valve Check-O-Matic maintains a column of water of 3 m.


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Difusor TORO 570 Z XF

Características y especificaciones del difusor TORO Z XF

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