Nozzles TORO irrigation GO for diffuser

Nozzles TORO VAN - manual Adjustment
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Variable arc. The nozzles ARE pre-installed has pluviometrías adjusted to provide uniform coverage.

Easily adjustable from 0° to 360°, the variable arc nozzles TORO offer a variety of angular adjustments that are tailored with precision in any terrain. With these nozzles it is easy to get an application extremely precise water.


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  • With matched precipitation rates (MPR) between different groups.
  • Adapts to all bodies of diffusers TORO LPS and 570Z.
  • Arc infinitely adjustable from 0°-360°.
  • 5 different nozzles for various radii.
  • Easy identification of the radio by color.
  • Uniformity of irrigation is exceptional.
  • Adjustment screw which allows for a reduction of the radius of the 25%.
  • The flow increases or decreases proportionately with the increase or decrease in the range, while maintaining uniform rainfall.
  • System exclusive arc adjustment with only “grab and spin”– or dry during irrigation.
  • Filters of fine mesh, green in color, removed the obstructions.



  • Recommended operating pressure: 1,4-3,5 bar (20-50 psi).
  • Maximum working pressure: 5.2 bar (75 psi).




Features and advantages

Matched precipitation rates
Within the same family of radios (MPR) ensures all nozzles apply approximately the same amount of water.
System exclusive adjustment with a single turn
Requires No tools and allows you to adjust the pattern so quick and easy. Adjustment from the top of the nozzle – wet or dry irrigation.
Infinitely adjustable from 0° to 360°
The TVAN provides a variety of settings of arc, adapted with precision to any terrain and reduces inventory by meeting the requirements of land of any size or shape.
Five nozzles color-coded
Quick and easy identification even when retracted.

Video - Adjustment of the Arc Nozzle TORO GO





Boquilla TORO TVAN
T-VAN-8 Green

Scope: 2.4 m

Boquilla TORO TVAN
T-VAN-10 Blue

Reach: 3.0 m

Boquilla TORO TVAN
T-GO-12 Brown

Scope: 3.7 m

Boquilla TORO TVAN
T-VAN-158 Black

Range: 4.6 m

Boquilla TORO TVAN
T-VAN-17 Grey

Extent: 5.2 m




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Boquilla TORO TVAN

Características y especificaciones de Boquilla TORO TVAN

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Boquilla TORO TVAN - 2

Folleto de Boquilla TORO TVAN

Download (480.83k)

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