Scheduler Toro irrigation TSSCWP (battery 1 station)

Developer Toro irrigation TSSCWP (battery 1 station)

Programmer, battery, waterproof, a single station BULL. Robust and ideal for remote areas or isolated. Waterproof and submersible.


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Programmer, battery, waterproof, a single station of TORO TSSCWP.

A robust controller battery is ideal for remote areas or isolated from a single station.

Flexibility in a scheduler monoestación. The Programmer Monoestación water-tightness of the Bull: A robust controller to battery that is ideal for areas of a single station, remote or isolated. Perfect for valves Toro dc latching solenoid pre-installed, including valves EZ-Flo® Plus, TPV, P-150, P-220.

Extension of Time of Irrigation

If you set the manual watering during the automatic watering, it suspends the watering program during the period of manual watering. Once the manual watering, it resumes the automatic irrigation. This function allows you to easily duplicate the run time without changing the programming when you need an extra watering.


The programmer displays an error code if a short circuit occurs in the circuit of the solenoid. Check circuit special prevents to turn on the valve if the battery is nearly exhausted.



  • Monoestación
  • Powered by batteries
  • Fully waterproof and submersible
  • Drives a dc latching solenoid – Exclusive feature that verifies sufficient power to operate the valves before you switch them on.
  • Input power: 9v alkaline Battery.
  • Starts: Up to 4 starts per day, with stacking of hours.
  • Irrigation time: from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59 minutes (in 1 minute increments).
  • Water resistance: submersible up to 2 meters.
  • Memory: Non-volatile (no battery backup required)
  • Display: LED with low battery indicator and 24-hour clock or AM/PM
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Number of programs: 1
  • Schedule options: Schedule of 7 days
  • Valves: 1
  • Location: exterior - waterproof.
  • Valves: Solenoid LATCH and Rain Sensor with cable.
  • Support developers: powering a dc latching solenoid (compatible with solenoids in the front of the Bull and most of the solenoids in the front of other manufacturers).
  • Options and accessories: Solenoid LATCH and Rain Sensor with cable.
  • Dimensions: 70 mm (width) x 114 mm (h) x 102 mm (deep).
  • Weight: 0,18 kg .


Programador TORO TSSCWP

Manual de instrucciones del programador TORO TSSCWP.

Download (3.13M)

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