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Electric valves TORO TPV - Model TPV100BSP
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flow Regulator
Solenoid LATCH

Electric valves, 1", plastic, series POS. The valve is perfect for systems that use recycled water.

Flow rates from 0.38 to 151 L/min. Designed to meet all the needs of drip systems, residential applications, light commercial applications and areas of high pressure.

There are models with the Solenoid already built in.


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The search of a residential and commercial valve complete but economic has been completed, thanks to the new Series TPV valves-1" Bull. These valves are robust and resistant to debris-flow rates of 0.4 to 151 L/min, by what are ideal for any application, residential or commercial, from drip to high-flow. Choose from a variety of drippers and accessories that covers all the specific requirements of your project. The patented DBS Technology™ (Debris Bypass System waste diversion) ensures valve functionality in nearly all dirty water applications. The Series TPV becomes your workhorse in all professional installations.

Body styles with threaded, sleeve and dowel to meet the specifications of any project.

Exceptional flow characteristics include low flow operation down to 0,38 L/min for drip applications and lower head loss than the leading competitor.

THE design GLUE STOP™ patent pending on the models of cuff makes it almost impossible to plug the discharge port with PVC cement.

TORO offers the confidence that the valve TPV will work right the first and for many years.



  • 13 cm (Height) x 7 cm (Width) x 12.7 cm (Long)



Operational Specifications

Flow 0.38 to 151 L/min
Pressure of work Electric – 0,69 to 12 BAR (10 to 175 psi)
Security rating burst pressure For 68.9 BAR (1000 psi)
Solenoid 24 V AC (50/60 Hz) Standard
- Start-up: 0,4 amps
- Maintenance: 0,2 amps

Additional features

  • -Multiple body types
  • -The classification of high-pressure and burst pressure beats the competition in all areas
  • -Supplied with solenoids AC or DC
  • -Manual operation without the use of a programmer – Purge internal and external
  • -Captive screws type Phillips/hex
  • -Large indicator arrows the direction of flow
  • -The cap of self-aligning, easy and quick maintenance
  • -The flow control optional allows a precise adjustment of the area and the manual closure
  • -Solenoid encapsulated injection-molded with plunger captive
  • -Remote control removable flow regulator to ensure resistance to vandalism


Válvula TORO TPV eléctrica, sistema patentado de desvío de residuos DBS Technology™


The discharge system ensures correct functionality even in the harshest environments.



Válvula TORO TPV eléctrica, robusto diafragma de Santoprene® de doble labio, resistente a la cloramina y al ozono

Robust diaphragm Santoprene® double-lip, resistant to chloramine and ozone

Ensures a complete seal and leak-proof up to 12,0 bar.



Válvula TORO TPV eléctrica, múltiples tipos de cuerpo

Multiple body types

Choose the style that best fits the requirements of your installation.



Válvula TORO TPV eléctrica, gran variedad de caudales y presiones

Large range of flow rates and pressures

One valve covers all the specific requirements of your site



Válvula TORO TPV eléctrica, solenoide de diseño robusto

Solenoid design robust

Ensures opening and closing with reliable.




Specific References



Válvula eléctrica TORO TPV

Información técnica en PDF de la Válvula TORO eléctrica TPV

Download (1.68M)

Válvula eléctrica TORO TPV 2

Folleto técnico de la Válvula TORO eléctrica TPV. En inglés

Download (969.3k)

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