Valve, irrigation, electric TORO P220

Valve, irrigation, electric TORO P220
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Diameter thread
Solenoid LATCH

Electric valves, of plastic, of the P-series 220. All models feature a flow regulator, as well as are female thread.

There are models with the Solenoid already built in. Choose the model that best suits their needs.


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These valves are of nylon reinforced with glass fibre industrial quality are specially designed for commercial applications with pressures up to 15.2 bar, but also incorporate regulation of the flow rate from 0.3 to 6.9 bar.

The sturdy nylon reinforced with fiberglass ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 15 bar.

The regulation of pressure works both in the electrical mode as in the manual mode, and allows the maintenance under pressure.



  • Female thread 1”, 1 1/2”, 2” and 3”, with flow regulator.

  • Flow of work:

    • of 20 to 180 l/min. for the 1”
    • 114 to 416 l/min. for the 1 1/2”
    • from 300 to 680 l/min. for the 2” and 3”.
  • Working pressures from 0.7 to 15 kg/cm2.

  • Consumption to boot to 0.4 mpa and maintained for 0.2 amp.

  • It adapts to the pressure regulator EZR-100 to output a regulated pressure of 0.3 to 7 kg/cm2.

  • Difference of minimum pressure 0.7 kg/cm2.

  • Connection globe or angle.



  • Built of nylon, fibreglass and stainless steel, resistant to corrosion.

  • Manual opening with internal and external bleeding.

  • With flow regulator and pressure with the optional kit EZR-100, which can be installed at any time.

  • Pressure regulation both in automatic mode as manual.

  • Maximum working pressure: 15 bar (220 PSI)

  • Of robust construction, made of nylon (GFN) with 33% glass fiber and stainless steel

  • Settings in globe or angle

  • Lid sturdy and reinforced to withstand the high pressures

  • Precise Control of the pressure regulator, EZReg® (factory installed or to be installed in the field) don't need to pull the solenoid

  • The pressure can be adjusted while operating manually or electrically, under pressure

  • Flow design live, for more precise control

  • Valve standard Schrader for a check accurately the pressure at the outlet of the valve

  • Cap vandal-resistant and to protect from dust, models with pressure regulation

  • Without tubes external to the electric models, or models with pressure regulator

  • The manual opening with internal discharge keeps the valve box dry and allows for manually setting pressure regulator

  • Bleed external manual to clean the valve

  • Flow regulator manual ergonomic: adjustable to zero

  • The regulation of the rate of flow independent of the solenoid

  • Diaphragm double lip reinforced to withstand a test pressure of 52 bar (750 psi)

  • Cover with self-aligning to ensure a correct installation

  • Nut of replacement stainless steel

  • Flow regulator type

  • Needle discharge in stainless steel, self-cleaning

  • Flow regulator in bronze — models of 50 mm, and 75 mm (2" and 3")

  • Board ring on the plug threads to prevent leaks

  • Ability to work with very low flow rates up to 20 L/min (5 GPM) with EZReg®

  • Easy maintenance, without removing components

  • Solenoid encapsulated, injected into the mold, with the core captive

  • Solenoid in purple for recycled waters

  • Accepts latching solenoids

  • Low consumption for stretches of longer cables

  • Cords, 45 cm (18") for a connection more easy

Details of the Electric Valve TORO P220

Válvula TORO P220 eléctrica, detalles


Válvula TORO P220 eléctrica, duradero nylon reforzado con fibra de vidrio

Durable nylon reinforced with fiber glass

Ensures the P-220 can operate at pressures up to 15 bar.



Válvula TORO P220 eléctrica, purga manual interna y externa

Manual blowdown internal and external

Keeps valve box dry; easy to use.



Válvula TORO P220 eléctrica, válvula Schrader preinstalada

Valve Schrader preinstalled

Simple verification of downstream pressure.



Válvula TORO P220 eléctrica, casi tres veces más protección contra rayos que otros productos

Nearly three times the lightning protection of other products

With superior lightning protection to 20,000 volts.



Válvula TORO P220 eléctrica, filtro de malla en los modelos de 2

Mesh filter in the 2" (50 mm) and 3" (75 mm)

Allows for upstream filtration of water to ensure no clogging occurs inside the valve.





Válvula eléctricaTORO P 220

Información técnica en PDF de la Válvula TORO eléctrica P 220

Download (74.16k)

Válvula eléctrica TORO P 220 - 2

Folleto con información técnica de la Válvula TORO eléctrica P 220

Download (856.88k)

Válvula eléctricaTORO P 220 - 3

Guia de instalación de la Válvula TORO eléctrica P 220

Download (265.19k)

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